Telematics data-based, interactive driver behaviour feedback and coaching software for the fleet, insurance, TSP and OEM markets.


We exist to solve a significant problem. It’s a challenge that’s been created by bringing technology into the workplace. This technology is known as vehicle telematics. Companies all over the world are fitting ‘black boxes’ to their vehicles as they help deliver great improvements in efficiency. They provide a wealth of positive data that, if analysed correctly and acted upon, allows well-managed organisations to change how they run their mobile operations, reducing costs and improving service and productivity. The ROI on telematics can be proven by a large number of very successful household name companies.

And Now The Problem!

Some of the data generated by telematics devices is creating a quandary for fleet managers, HR teams and company directors. It’s the data that shows how many of their drivers are consistently exceeding the national speed limits, are accelerating and braking excessively and aggressively or are negotiating corners in fully-loaded goods vehicles at excessive speed. HR teams are now looking at their car and van fleets and wondering how they can have discussions with so many members of staff who drive as part of their employment; the fleet manager is waiting to hear which vehicle crashed next and should a fatality happen, the directors just hope that none of these issues can ever be blamed on the company or themselves. As a result, some organisations have even switched off ‘black boxes’ and others have delayed their buying decision. However, they are fully aware that the problems and resulting risk and exposure still exist.

The HSE’s Opinion

In summary, if management is aware of such problems (i.e. is in possession of telematics data) and fails to act before a worst case scenario occurs, then liability can and will pass to the company itself. This could lead to prosecutions, fines or even imprisonment.